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Layering your Skin-Care Products - Step by Step

Exciting new skincare products have captured your attention. After learning about their benefits, and selecting your favorites, you now face the challenge of figuring out the correct application order. Surprisingly, the order in which you apply your skincare products truly matters. Applying your cream before your serum, for instance, could prevent your skin from fully absorbing the benefits of both products. Similarly, applying sunscreen before a product containing vitamin C may leave your skin exposed to harsh UV rays with inadequate protection.

To achieve optimal results, we recommend the following product layering approach:


1. Begin by cleansing your face. While this step may seem straightforward, it's essential to avoid certain mistakes that can sensitize your skin. Avoid using a harsh cleanser: Stay away from cleansers that strip your skin, leaving it tight and dry. Such cleansers can disrupt your skin's natural pH levels, requiring additional products like toners. Instead, opt for an oil-based cleanser. Your skin's lipid barrier will appreciate the use of an oil-based cleanser that effectively removes impurities without depleting natural oils. Select products that multitask by cleansing the skin while also fighting against harmful environmental stressors and aging. We recommend Isdins Essential Cleansing, it is a gentle yet powerful cleansing oil with an oil-to-milk texture. A blend of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, and clary sage that transforms into a deep-cleansing emulsion. It will melt away any stubborn makeup, sunscreen, and unwanted oils — leaving nothing behind but soft, glowing skin.

Be gentle: When applying the oil cleanser, use circular motions without exerting excessive pressure or tugging at the skin. Remember that your face is delicate.


2. After gently removing excess oil and dirt from your face, it's time to layer your serums. Begin with the lightest formula to allow the heavier products to seal it in. When your skin is experiencing issues like breakouts and blemishes, opt for a lightweight serum that can address these concerns without over-drying your skin.

Avoid using overly drying products: Everyone's skin is different, and breakouts vary in intensity. While it's necessary to use more potent acne-fighting ingredients in some cases, try to avoid harsh products in your daily routine. Overly drying ingredients can worsen acne and sensitize your skin's lipid barrier.

Target oily areas with a gentle product: During hormonal breakouts, choose a product that soothes the skin while combating blemishes. The formula should possess antibacterial properties, provide moisturization, and exhibit anti-inflammatory effects. Instead of stripping away natural oils, aim to balance them. We like to recommend Jan Marini Age Intervention Duality/MD for daily use and optimal results.


3. An anti-aging serum is the star player in your skincare routine. With a high-quality product (applied in the correct order), this step can significantly enhance your skincare efforts and leave you with a satisfying glow. Your anti-aging serum should be packed with collagen-boosting and damage-reversing ingredients. Always apply this thicker serum after a thinner one and before your moisturizing cream. Avoid irritation: It may seem obvious, but there's a common misconception that a good anti-aging serum should cause redness and tingling. In reality, these are signs that the serum is not compatible with your skin. While your serum should contain active ingredients, including exfoliating agents, it should not cause breakouts or irritation.


We understand our bias, but using natural alternatives is also a good choice. Opting for products that demonstrate the ability to help support the skin's natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen. For example, instead of a retinoid which can cause dryness, redness, and irritation, embracing a gentler approach which can yield fantastic results. Isdin's Melatonik is our favorite here at Luma MD, it not only contains vitamin C, another powerful anti-aging ingredient but also contains two other powerful ingredients, Bakuchiol and Melatonin for a diverse range of skin-boosting benefits. Bakuchiol is a well-tolerated, retinol-like compound that is proven to act as an anti-aging ingredient. Melatonin, a newly discovered skin booster, does everything from intense free radical scavenging to elevating antioxidant enzymes while you sleep. Isdin's Melatonik offers a wonderful way to achieve radiant and youthful skin while embracing the natural path.


4. Hydrating your skin is crucial for all skin types. Not only does it provide essential moisture, but a richer moisturizing cream can also seal in the benefits of your previous steps. It offers additional protection against environmental aggressors and helps repair damage while you sleep. Avoid pore-clogging: Opt for a non-comedogenic lotion or cream to prevent your skin from breaking out. Allow your skin to breathe: Choose a cream that not only hydrates but also clarifies.


5. Living in Sarasota we should understand that the importance of UV protection cannot be overstated. Shield your skin from premature aging by incorporating sunscreen into your daily routine. It is an essential and non-negotiable element. Ignore the rumors: Sunscreens with SPF higher than 50 do not significantly offer better protection. Keep your wallet and pores safe from sunscreen overload. Find a physical sunscreen that you genuinely enjoy using, so you won't hesitate to apply another layer. And remember reapplication throughout the day is necessary. We recommend Isdin and Elta products for heavyweight protection with a non-irritating and seamless finish.

Stop by for a complimentary consultation and a skin analysis with our amazing Visia camera. Prevention is key!


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