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Get your Glo with Geneo!

Sarasota Facial, Geneo, Glo2FACIAL Sarasota

Discover Incredible Results with Your Favorite Treatment

At Luma MD we are loving the transformative power of the Glo2Facial, the go-to solution for achieving balanced and radiant skin. This is an advanced and clinical treatment that harnesses the patented Oxfoliation™ and the body's innate superpowers to deliver clean, calm, and naturally hydrated skin, a red carpet facial! Something we all need after weathering the Sarasota sunny weather.

The Glo2Facial is a 3-Step Process:

Geneo Facial Treatment, Sarasota Facial Med Spa

Step 1: Oxfoliation™ Using cutting-edge technology, we create a bubbling,

CO2-rich environment on your skin's surface, gently cleansing and exfoliating

while triggering the 'Bohr Effect'—a natural process that enhances your skin's internal oxygen levels. The result is deeply nourished and oxygenated skin that remains dewy and youthful for weeks.

Step 2: LUX (Lite Ultrasound Experience) Step 2 is warm and soothing and has the conditioning benefits of our Lite Ultrasound Experience, which utilizes micro-vibrations to smooth and increase the permeability of your skin. This enhanced absorption allows your skin to fully benefit from the active ingredients and nutrients used in the Glo2Facial treatment. By targeting deeper cells, your skin will continue to look fantastic for up to three weeks after the treatment.

Step 3: Detox Our Geneo X device provides a gentle massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage, aiding in detoxifying your skin. This process improves blood and oxygen flow while draining built-up fluids, resulting in a more defined facial appearance. The detox step also ensures thorough absorption of every ingredient, leading to long-term benefits for our clients.

Geneo Facial Treatment. Sarasota med spa, facials Sarasota,

At Luma MD, our Sarasota med spa, we offer an array of seven customizable options for all skin types using our state-of-the-art Geneo X device. Each option harnesses the potency of powerful natural ingredients. The best part is, there's absolutely no downtime, ensuring you'll enjoy immediate, radiant results. Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, or any other skin type, our Glo2Facial is the ideal solution for all skin conditions, catering to a diverse range of clients with unique skincare requirements.

Come in for a free consultation including a skin analysis from our awesome Visia Camera!


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